Audio Rooms

The easiest way to add Audio Room feature similar to Clubhouse into your website

Building an audio only community, podcast, voice chat, or customer support? Simplelive gets you started in 2 mins.

Service Single - Agency X Webflow Template
Audio Rooms in 2 mins. Copy, Paste, Done.

Add Audio Rooms to your website in 2 mins

Turn your website into a n Audio Room platform in 2 minutes.
No Coding Required. Paste your unique code into your website or share your link to get started in seconds.

Check Icon - Agency X Webflow Template
Audio Rooms (similar to Clubhouse)
Check Icon - Agency X Webflow Template
Perfect for mobile & web
Check Icon - Agency X Webflow Template
Copy, paste & you're done
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Copy. Paste. Launch.

How it works
Setup in 2 minutes

We've made it super simple and easy to add the audio room functionality to your website/app in 2 minutes, without writing a single line of code.

Simplelive perfectly integrates in any website or app including leading nocode builders like Wix, Webflow, Squarespace, Bubble, Wordpress.

Copy. Paste. Launch.

1. Copy your unique code or link
2. Paste into your website or app
3. Launch/Publish and you're done

You can also share your link directly. Here's 90 sec demo below

Traditionally, it can take days or weeks to build APIs &


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